Masonite Flowers Vase 2 Trivet - Set of 2

Masonite Flowers Vase 2 Trivet - Set of 2

  • Masonite trivet
  • Oil painting on canvas, computer reworked
  • Dimensions: 23 cm x 19 cm
Rett vaso fiori 2 MSPS

Cecilia Bussani

CB Design’s Florentine placemat come from a happy combination of painting and technology. Cecilia Bussani’s oils on canvass paintings are creatively re-elaborated on computer to produce decorative designs in a variety of soft colours. Each placemat is printed in high definition, using the highest-level of techniques and durable materials, which give this handmade and unique product, fully Made in Italy, high-quality characteristics. CB Design’s Florentine Placemats offers a wide range of options for every style of table. The designs and colors are intimate and elegant, perfect to welcome friends or to create a warm and romantic atmosphere ideal for candlelit dinners.

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