Trigger Spray Uve Nobili

Trigger Spray Uve Nobili

  • Room Spray with the scent of the Langhe vineyards
  • Top notes: pineapple, strawberry grapes, raspberry
  • Middle notes: fruity notes, grape juice
  • Base notes: vine shoots, earth notes, woods, grape must
  • 1000 ml bottle
  • Made on Italy
  • If not available, lead time 15 days 
Spray Uve nobili


Acqua delle Langhe

The Acqua delle Langhe collection, born in 2012 from the great passion that Alberto Avetta has always had for perfumes and the strong bond with the place where each fragrance was conceived and created, the hills of the Langhe, now has eight fragrances. These are unique and exclusive creations that arouse emotions and evoke memories. Acqua delle Langhe philosophy is to use high quality raw materials, processed with traditional methods that require slowness, patience , care and absolute and continuous attention.

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