Shaving Cream Pluminio Balsamico

Shaving Cream - Pluminio Balsamico

  • Shaving cream in solid texture to be use with shaving brush
  • Balsamic note with menthol crystals
  • It doesn't contain dyes or preservatives
  • Black plastic jar 125 ml.

Shaving Cream with natural ingredients that facilitate shaving, allowing for a gentle glide of the blade and leaving the skin soft and velvety.

Mondial 1908

The history of Antica Barberia Mondial began in 1908 from a passion of shaving and personal care, cultivated by its founder. Consequently, in the early twentieth century, in a small craft workshop in the center of Florence, the first masterpieces were created, for example, extraordinary shaving brushes made entirely by hand with great skill and precision. Antica Barberia Mondial is today a charming line of products for shaving and for beard and moustache care. The craftsmanship of the products, the attention for the detail and a sophisticated and elegant image, make the line an unique reference in the international field. Shaving tools and accessories together with fragrances provide a range of absolute excellence products. Everything is quality guaranteed belonging to Mondial tradition that has meant passion and innovation in shaving products for decades.

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