Our Story

Driven by a deep love for their city, Florence, and for all its gems, even the most hidden ones,
Francesca, Domenico, Lorenzo and Lapo,
four Florentine friends, have decided to launch the Flomour website.

Flomour celebrates the taste for craftsmanship, for the minimal imperfections and for fascinating materials.

We discover workshops and laboratories and we look for objects that are always different one from each other and which are handcrafted by skilled artisans and young designers.

Flomour offers a wide range of luxury handmade products carefully selected to meet an audience
who knows how to appreciate quality and originality.

“New ideas and curiosity, combined with the trips that we’ve made over the years, are what keep us driving forward;
additionally we are lucky to live and breathe the air of a city with a unique charm.
So, we figured: why not let people know, thanks to networking and technology,
 about our best luxury artisanal pieces?”

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