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Acqua del Lario

Acqua del Lario was born from the emotions evoked by memories and the link with a special place, Lake Como: the magnificent landscape of the Lario, another name by which Lake Como is known, is the place where these memories come to life. With its fragrances and perfumes Acqua del Lario blends the ancient knowledge of perfumery with the passion for entrepreneurial adventure and the enhancement of the territory. There are several “Acqua del Lario fragrances”; for the Eau de Parfum we could say that there is "a rose": each fragrance is inspired by one of the winds blowing on the Lario and the rose of winds is the synthesis and guide to the “olfactory tour”. The same also for the line of fragrances dedicated to the home, 6 different fragrances able to satisfy “different palates”. Acqua del Lario, in creating its fragrances, does not impose any constraints or conditionings, neither in terms of gender, and for this reason it has created unisex fragrances.
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