There is a museum near Florence, in Signa, the Museo della Paglia e dell'Intreccio, dedicated to the processing of woven straw according to a tradition that dates back to the eighteenth century. It was in fact at that time that some species of wheat intended only for the production of woven straw, used to make objects of fine workmanship, especially "hats" began to be cultivated . The Florentine area thus became the first world producer of that type of hat, leghorn, from the English name of Livorno from where they were exported, which soon became the emblem of the "Florentine life".

Pancani braided leather

Even today braided hats and bags are made of straw, following the techniques of the past; from the catwalks to the street, bags and hats in materials such as straw, raffia, hemp, bamboo, junco, woven rattan seem to have become the most sought after accessories of summer 2018.

In addition to straw, leather can also be woven. And each bag is a unique product because the craftsmanship, by its nature, is related to singularity and artistic manuality, not being produced by machines, but by a complex of actions and movements of the subject that produces them.

Pancani braided bag

Do you want to have a testimony of the manual skill of the plot and at the same time the high quality of the materials? Visit the website and you will find a wide selection of bags made by Roberto Pancani, respecting the Florentine tradition of weaving but following the tastes and trends of our days.