Do you know the story of the frog prince?

How many times you have listened to them as children! Perhaps you will not remember all the steps, but certainly one yes, and that is the one in which the frog who had helped a princess in recovering a ball of gold fallen into a fountain, and that from this had received the promise that she would get what he wished, had he been able to bring her back the ball, he turned into a handsome prince after being kissed by the girl. And naturally, as in all fairy tales, the two get married and live happily ever after!

Have you ever thought about how many morals are behind that kiss?

1st Moral: We must know how to go beyond appearances.

2nd Moral: What you have promised you must keep it.

3rd Moral: You must not despise those who helped you in times of need.

4th Moral: Great is the power of a woman's love if the woman loves regardless, with self-denial and sacrifice, without selfishness.

Alcozer workshop

Who knows what Giampiero Alcozer thought of when he made the frog his symbol of his brand? Let's try to find out together visiting where you will find all his jewels, designed for all women, not just princesses!