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Roberto Pancani

Braided bags

Braided bags

There is a museum near Florence, in Signa, the Museo della Paglia e dell'Intreccio, dedicated to the processing of woven straw according to a tradition that dates back to the eighteenth century. It was in fact at that time that some species of wheat intended only for the production of woven straw, used to make objects of fine workmanship, especially "hats" began read more


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Cufflinks: the history

Cufflinks: the history

The true story of cufflinks is shrouded in mystery. It seems that the first to use cufflinks were nobles and high-class English bourgeoisie around the 1600s. Formed by two ornamental buttons held together by a chain link, the twins, called at that time "sleeve buttons", were made by famous jewelers who used different materials for their manufacture, in particular gold, silver and precious stones. read more

Florence Style

Mondial 1908


Il Torchio

Old herbal S.Simone

Flomour stories

Bathroom Accessories That Calms The Mind

Bathroom Accessories That Calms The Mind

A bathroom is a room that is often overlooked. It would not do to make such a mistake, however. Be prepared to convert it into a glamorous haven that invites curiosity and settles your mind. It is a place that has given many poets and philosophers ideas that went on to revolutionize the world. So, do yourself a favor and bring the essential and not so essential accessories in read more
Gloves and their meaning

Gloves and their meaning

Have you ever thought about how many meanings, how many messages can be behind an accessory like gloves? Today we use them mainly to protect ourselves from the cold, but if we retrace the history through the centuries we discover that the use had different values ​​from time to time. Initially despised by the Romans because worn by the barbarian peoples of Northern Europe to shelter from harsh climates, the glove assumes read more
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